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Caudron-Renault CR.714 C1 Cyclone

Here's my latest build from Dora Wings in 1:48. The C.710 were a series of light fighter aircraft developed by Caudron for the French Air Force prior to WWII, the CR.714 was the end result and saw limited production It was of all-wood [...]

Heller 1/72 Caudron 714

The Caudron Renault C.710 series was one of the emerging types out of a French 1936 specification, calling for a light fighter of wooden construction that could be built rapidly in large numbers without upsetting the production of existing [...]

A racer not a fighter… Caudron 714, Azur 1/32

Develped from the Caudron C450 racing aircraft, was this attempt at a "light fighter", one that could be built cheaply with minimum use of resources. The mainly wooden airframe was powered by an air-cooled inline engine, a rarity [...]