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A racer not a fighter… Caudron 714, Azur 1/32

Develped from the Caudron C450 racing aircraft, was this attempt at a "light fighter", one that could be built cheaply with minimum use of resources. The mainly wooden airframe was powered by an air-cooled inline engine, a rarity for sure. The French decided they didn't want it, so of the 90 built, they were destined to go to Finland when War broke out. When the refugee Polish pilot Corps needed aircraft, a use was found for them. The Polish flew them like they did most everything, with courageous abandon, the final tally being something like 7 to 4 in favor, in the 4 combats that took place before the collapse.

's kit is pretty good, shapes and fit being OK, just a little engine detail being added. The cockpit is pretty busy, and the weird canopy arrangement well done. The paint job was the most work, taken from photos in a "Decal and Camouflage" publication. It represents one of the Polish Squadron machines from GC 1/145. Always thought this was a good-lookin' airplane, pointy nose, racing ancestry and all.

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13 responses

  1. As you say, an interesting aircraft. Very attractive paint scheme. Was the windscreen & quarter glass part of a larger fuselage part or did you have to mold them in?

  2. Just how DID that canopy work? Looks like it rolls left to right on some sort of rail thingie to open and back left to secure it. Am I close?

  3. Hey, it's not easy to make a WW II French fighter plane look cool! You almost make me want to build one, but I know it won't be half as cool looking as yours. Really nice work!

  4. The French have had quite a few design classics (maybe the Citroen SM was the last one), and this has to join that exclusive list, and, you've made a fantastic job of building it.

  5. Marvelous paint work, Bill. Not one we see built often, either. Should provide a good design contrast next to your AASF/BEF Hurricane from PCM. To me, the Caudron 714 always looked like it would seem more natural in some garish paint scheme as an entrant in the Thompson Trophy race. Strange looking beastie.

  6. Nice job on a different subject.

  7. Thanks to all who replied, it's great to get praise from, as Tolga Ulgur says, colleages.

  8. That is simply stunning! I've just put the third colour down on mine and boy, what a job it is to get that camo pattern! Looks like I might have some, erm... re-touching ahead! 🙂

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