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Fire, water, air... three elements, one aircraft: Canadair's mighty CL-215!

The fact that the invention of the aeroplane and the mastery of flight has changed the world is a commonplace that no one will contradict. It becomes more concrete when we take a closer look at an area where the use of aeroplanes makes [...]

1/144 A-Model Canadair CL-415

Sooo...when start running out of display space, a grown up boy should: a) grow up and stop building models b) drop to a smaller scale I chose B of course, and for the first time in my life built 1/144 model. Since I went downscale I [...]

1/72 REVELL Canadair CL-415

Really not much to say about this kit. Not a bad kit, but decals are frustrating. Would have never bought it if I didn't get this idea for this mini diorama. Water and fire effects made out of silicone, isolation foam and cotton.

Canadair CT 114 Tutor, 114037 – 8, Snowbirds, 431 Air Demonstration Sqn RCAF, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 1978.

1/72 Kitech boxing of Hobbycraft kit, some small modifications, finished in Concept and MM enamels with Future over Kitech decals, built around 2012.

Canadair CT 114 Tutor, 153, Golden Centennaires RCAF, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 1967.

1/72 Hobbycraft, a few small modifications, finished in Floquil bright gold and Humbrol enamels with Future over Leading edge decals.

Canadair F 86E(M) Sabre, Flying “White” Swans, 4th Jet Air Base Turkish AF Eskisehir 1963.

1/72 Airfix, finished in Alclad and MM enamels with Future over PM kit decals.