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Canadair CT 114 Tutor, 114037 – 8, Snowbirds, 431 Air Demonstration Sqn RCAF, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 1978.

boxing of kit, some small modifications, finished in Concept and MM enamels with Future over Kitech decals, built around 2012.

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  1. I love the Snowbirds. Got to fly with them at Reno in 1981. Do a barrel roll in the Big Diamond, absolutely no sensation of motion, just the world out front doing a 360. Having a wingtip 3 feet from your head will "keep your attention."

    I like this model a lot.

  2. Really like the paint scheme and that gloss finish would make some car modelers green with envy

  3. Nice! I like these demonstration teams as you can see from some of my builds 🙂
    keep them coming

  4. Looks great Allan. The last time I saw the Snowbirds show was 2011 at 14 Wing. I managed some really good photos.

  5. Beautiful job. I saw the Snowbirds perform at the big airshow at Moose Jaw that summer of 1978. I had flown a USAF F-111D there from Cannon AFB, NM for a static display at the airshow. It was one of the best airshows I have ever attended and the folks were fantastic. A GREAT weekend.

  6. Great work! Beautiful scheme.They were at Jones Beach, Long Island a few years ago, great show.

  7. Another nice one!

  8. I remember the first time I saw the Snowbirds, at Reno in 1976. It was the first time they did a show in the US, and they didn't know the FAA rules about "dead lines." So they did their run toward the audience, three upward loops, changing the shape of the formation on the front and rear of the loop, ending with a "Fleur de Lis" break in 9 different direction as they dived straight down over the audience and broke at about 500 feet! The crowd loved it. The FAA had a collective heart attack, and they didn't do it again on Saturday or Sunday.

    The next year, at Abbotsford, they were there with the Thunderbirds, who did their traditional "locked in concrete" formation passes. Then on Saturday after the show was over, the 'Birds took off and disappeared, came back 90 minutes later and wouldn't answer questions about where they'd been or what they'd done. And the next day, last day of the show, they changed the shape of their formation during a pass in front of the crowd.

  9. I have a soft spot for the Tutor. I flew the T-37 for half of my 20 years in the Air Force, and my occasional visits to Canadian bases confirmed that the Tweet and the Tutor not only looked similar, but also were similar in flight characteristics. Great looking build of a really cool airplane.

  10. Nice result, Allan, - they fly a nine-ship demonstration team as I recall, don't they?

  11. Thanks Craig, you're right, nine for aerobatic display, plus two solo and another two spare aircraft !

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