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Here are some pictures of my latest WNW build. I have included some "work in progress" shots in case anyone finds it interesting to see how I went about it. The speckle finish, whilst simple looking, is one of the most [...]

Wingnut Wings SwansongHalberstadt Cl.II (Late) 1/32

It was a sad day when I learned that Wingnut Wings was closing down for good. I greatly enjoyed building those superb kits over the years. Alas, I only had the late Halberstadt in my stash when the news arrived, so this build is my final [...]

Halberstadt CL.II [ late] "Marichen" Schlasta 15 mid-late 1918

Halberstadt CL.II [ late] "Marichen" Schlasta 15 mid-late 1918 WNW 1:32 Tamiya paints Infini rigging with Gaspatch turnbuckles Aviattic decals for wing surfaces Mixed my own colour for the fuselage to match Ronny Bar's art work.


Gaspatch turnbucles Aviattic lozenge Airbrushed fuselage Tamiya paint, oils, printing inks. MRP varnishes Infini line

Hannover cl. II

These are a few pics of my WingNut Wings Hannover Cl.II 13274/17 'white 4' of Schlasta 25 in 1918. The fuselage and centre section lozenges were painted on the original so, in keeping with the theme, I painted them myself with hand cut [...]

Halberstadt CL.II

The CL.II entered service in August 1917, and proved extremely successful, its excellent manoeuvrability, rate of climb and good field of fire for its armament allowing it to match opposing single-seat fighters. It also proved to be well [...]

Blue Max 1/48 Halberstadt CL.II

Some more of my 'paleomodeling', the Blue Max Halberstadt. I have always liked the lines of the Halberstadt CL's. The kit was a typical 'limited production' from a few years back, you had to make the parts go together. Covered with [...]