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Hannover cl. II

September 8, 2018 · in Aviation · · 17 · 3.7K

These are a few pics of my Hannover 13274/17 'white 4' of Schlasta 25 in 1918.

The fuselage and centre section lozenges were painted on the original so, in keeping with the theme, I painted them myself with hand cut masks, (which I made by enlarging the marking profile in the instructions on a copier and placing that under a glass plate and transferring to Tamiya tape), then using the recommended colour mixes (only 10, no worries!)

The fabric print lozenges on the wings and elevators are the lovely Aviattic 5 colour faded sets.

All the wood, including the prop, is done with oil paint streaked over an acrylic base.

The guns and turnbuckles are from GasPatch and the rigging is Maxima Chameleon 2lb monofilament.

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  1. Really stunning work. It's interesting how a WNW model seems to make modeler go "above and beyond." That said, if there's a decal out there for the fuselage, let me at it! 🙂

  2. Great subject, Stephen. Excellent work!

  3. Above and beyond, indeed. Prodigious work, the concentration and patience levels must have been a severe test, and one you clearly aced. Quite brilliant.

  4. What a fantastic model! I can only admire in awe the perfect finish and details of this Hannover. Just how long did it take you to paint the fuselage losangles? Congrats, it’s a winner

  5. Great work ! (looks familiar some how)

  6. Excellent work Stephen, and what a great paint job to boot. Just wow.

  7. Well done, Stephen, well done.

  8. fantastic finish Phil...i'm in awe

  9. Something tells me you are very please with this one, as well you should be. Outstanding work!

  10. Outstanding accomplishment with this, sir...well done indeed.

  11. wow... just wow... awesome job on the painting of that fuselage. heck, awesome job on the whole package. really like this one

  12. Nice work. I’ve got that one in the stash and will be referring to yours when I build it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Excellent work. I wish, there would be a decent model of this plane in 1:48 scale.

  14. It has all been said - the build is just brilliant all over - but the fuselage painting is magnificent!

  15. That is definitely eye candy for the modeler's soul! Wonderfully finished and detailed. An excellent build.

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