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Phönix D. I, Special Hobby, 1:48, Stfw. Karel Urban, Flik 14J, 5 victories

This model from Special Hobby is quite good without major tricks. It was necessary to shorten the main intermediate wing struts a little. Further equip the cockpit. I also made a slight modification of the engine and completed the cooling [...]

Roden Junkers DI, 1/72 scale, Belgium late 1918

Hello, this is one of my first WWI kits ever. To be honest, I'm a little scared about rigging biplanes, therefore I started with a monoplane. The challenge about this kit is the corrugated iron skin. Because the decals of this kit are very [...]

WingNut Wings Junkers D.1...

This is my interpretation of the Junkers D.1. 5188/18 as entered in the Idflieg fighter trials of October 1918. I built this one straight from the box except for the minimal rigging. The Spandaus and seat belts are the supplied kit items [...]

1/48 Aviatik Berg D.1

1/48 Sierra Scale Models Aviatik Berg D.1, markings for Frank Linke-Crawford. Lozenge decals by Americal-Gryphon. I did this one a long time ago. My first successful vac form kit (in my opinion). It was also my first attempt at spoke [...]