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Roden Junkers DI, 1/72 scale, Belgium late 1918

January 3, 2021 · in Aviation · · 12 · 2.3K

Hello, this is one of my first kits ever. To be honest, I'm a little scared about rigging biplanes, therefore I started with a monoplane. The challenge about this kit is the corrugated iron skin. Because the decals of this kit are very brittle, I decided to paint every decoration on this plane by masksk. The plane is mainly build out of the box. The figures are from Aerobonus, the hangar is selfmade from balsa wood.
Thanks for watching.

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  1. Beautiful work and a superb result.

    I really don't think a modeler like you will have trouble with biplanes, Andreas - just stop telling yourself it's hard. It can't be that hard to build a biplane if somebody like me did his first at age 10. It just helps to either not know it's hard (as I did) or tell yourself it's not hard and besides, you have skill and talent.

  2. Thank you for your motivating words and your praise Tom, I will give it a try, first a Fokker DVII than a Albatros may be.

  3. Beautiful build and a stunning display Andreas! Thank you for posting.

  4. Nice work, Andreas. Great choice of a historically significant plane.

  5. Masking on those corrugations is no walk in the park either. Well done.
    I hate decals and paint whenever possible.

  6. Nicely done Andreas.

  7. Very nice work on this build, Andreas.
    A not so often seen model.
    Both, diorama and model look fantastic.

  8. Excellent job, Andreas @fletcher!

    Building a corrugated skin WWI monoplane, with painted-on insignia, is at least equally "difficult" as a biplane.

    You definitely have the talent to build one, or even Manfred Von Richthofen's triplane: "easy" all red, little rigging - that may even be left off in 1/72 🙂 and weathering to your "liking", as it was kept pristine (just "dirty" its wheels area...).

    I also believe that bigger scale biplanes (yes, even 1/32) might prove easier to build, as you will find yourself having more "room" to work, especially between the wings and closer to the engine top.

    So, my friend, do not hesitate to build one. You will end up with an excellent result.

  9. Very nice. Andreas. Try using EZ-line product. I did my first ever rigging on a ship model the other day. As easier Stanchion rig but it works Works well with a dab of super glue.
    I’m hesitating on ever Starting the Airfix HP-0400 !

  10. Great job on the camo, and nice photos, too! Keep up the good work (Eduard’s new 1/72 Fokker D.VII would be an easy biplane with many great color schemes).

  11. Thanks for cheering gentlemen, I will give it a try, I promise!

  12. A great build! I think you made the right choice painting the markings - very realistic.

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