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WingNut Wings Junkers D.1...

August 22, 2020 · in Aviation · · 10 · 3.2K

This is my interpretation of the D.1. 5188/18 as entered in the Idflieg fighter trials of October 1918.

I built this one straight from the box except for the minimal rigging.

The Spandaus and seat belts are the supplied kit items but we're heavily annealed for shaping.

It's painted in various shades of over a base of Tamiya X-18 and Future.

The striped effect of the wings is a feature of this aircraft which I have attempted to recreate with both pre-shading and mixing different shades of Alclad.

All the markings, other than some small stencilling, have been painted with hand cut masks to conform smoothly over the corrugations.

Other than that, I have kept weathering to a minimum. I expect that as a competing demonstration aircraft it would have been presented in it's best condition.

The propeller is painted in acrylic and grain is over painted with Windsor and Newton oils then, after curing, dipped in Future to seal.

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  1. This is a fantastic build, Stephen (@steve). The thought of building something with a corrugated surface should be daunting, but you have carried it out to perfection. The interior detail and exterior finish is amazing. Great job.

  2. Wow, you have turned this ugly-a - - - - airplane into a real beauty! Fantastic work and your prop looks like real wood! I like this a lot.

  3. This is a work of art, Stephen! I love the multishading at the corrugated surfaces, as well as the overall detailing!

  4. Beautiful work! The prop, exhaust, metal surface and leather seat all look so real. Love the gauges as well

  5. Bravo! This is a museum quality replica

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, Stephen.
    Detailing on all aspects is great.

  7. Very sharp work!

  8. WnW did a great job molding the corrugated aluminum and your silver really shows this off. I really like all the panel shades. Great effect!

  9. A master work of bare metal finish

  10. That is just beautifully done - an artist at work! Love it.

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