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Fokker D.II, 1:32, Special Hobby, Lt. Fritz Grünzweig, Jasta 16

Fokker D. II, 1:32, Special Hobby, Lt. Fritz Grünzweig, Jasta 16. My first ever model built in 1:32. I didn't choose the simplest model to begin with. I made a few mistakes there and also dropped my model on the floor before finishing it [...]

LFG Roland D.II, Pegasus 1/72

I’ve liked the look of the Roland D.II ever since I first saw it in Kenneth Munson’s "Fighters, Attack, and Training Aircraft, 1914-19" back in the late 60s. It wasn’t a particularly successful fighter despite its good [...]

100 years ago todayApril 21, 1918

There is likely no fighter airplane better known in the world than that flown by “The Bloody Red Baron of Germany,” as the song “Snoopy and the Red Baron” has it. People who know nothing about airplanes know the all-red Fokker [...]

Eduard 1/48 Albatros D.II

For a challenge, this would be my first First World War subject. As the profi-pack kit, the content comes with masks and detailed photoetch and four marking options. Woodgrain was achieved using Light Orch Oil paint, this was a challenge [...]

Encore Kits, Oswald Boelke’s Alabatros D.II (Roden 1/32

The Albatros series of fighters were the most advanced fighters in the world at the time the D.I and D.II were introduced in 1916, setting the parameters for the next 20 years: two 30 caliber machine guns, a high speed, good [...]