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Wingnuts Roland DVIa

I thought it might be worth posting a few pictures of older builds that were not seen much when they were built, these mostly just appeared in a few small pictures on Hyperscale so here is my Wingnuts Roland from a couple of years back. This was[...]

Roland D.VIb

This is Wingnut Wings' 1/32 Roland D.VIb. The machine modelled is based on 7504/18, which fell into American hands at Koblenz in November, 1918. A WIP thread is at

Roland DVIa – WnW 1:32

Well, this is just another Roland from WnW, but this plane is so beautiful and the kit from WnW is so good that the results are usually spectacular. I really, really like the slender, wooden, shark like designs of some German WWI scouts and the [...]

Wingnut Wings Roland D.VIb (1/32)

The city of Wellington, New Zealand, lays just across the Tasman Sea from my place in Canberra, Australia. And out near Wellington's airport sits the Stone Street Studios established by Sir Peter Jackson, the acclaimed director of The Lord of t[...]

WNW 1/32 Roland D.VI

I never thought I would see this airplane in a mainstream injection-molded kit, but all things do come to them as waits. As with all other WNW kits, following the instructions leads to a great model. It's really impossible to laud them highly [...]