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Well, this is just another Roland from WnW, but this plane is so beautiful and the kit from WnW is so good that the results are usually spectacular.
I really, really like the slender, wooden, shark like designs of some German WWI scouts and the best of them is definitely the Roland. That is why I decided to give it a go and try to recreate a fully wooden fuselage. If that turned bad - well I can always over paint it to one of the not-so-wooden camos and say that it was done this way for more realism 🙂 Fortunately this was not the case and the end result was more or less looking OK.
For this build I used Gaspatch models turnbuckles, Taurus models Engine details, a PE fret custom made from Szymon (for his own build, but he sent me one spare), Aviattic lozenge decals, EZ line for the rigging, some scratched parts from left over around my workshop, hand carved, by myself, propeller, Pebeo oil colors for the wood grain, Tamiya and Gunze acrylics, Alclad II for the metal parts. At the end I added a set of spoked wheels from Steven Rhobson and believe me, those wheels are AWESOME!
The build was very straight forward and total fun through the whole process – like a book that you just can’t put down before reading the last page! I ignored all my other ongoing projects for the time I was working on this one, which is unusual for me as I like to work on 2-3 projects all on different stages of un/completion 
In the end I added a mechanic figure from Kellerkind, which is my first attempt at painting a figure.
The plane was presented at the Moson model show 2014 (there are few very good reports from this show on ) and surprisingly won a gold in the category “master class airplanes with open service panels” or whatever it is called.
I hope you like it and in case you have any questions I will gladly answer them!

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  1. "... the end result was more or less looking OK" ... it's pretty much on the more side of OK, I'd say. Very, very impressive! I like especially the woodgrain and the exhaust manifold. Any additional information how you did that is highly welcome.

  2. Fantastic build - well done.

  3. Beautiful, very nice. You are not only a master of WW I modelling but
    also a master of understatement !

  4. It never ceases to maze me how fantastic these wingnut kits turn out and especially at the hands of a master builder i am in awe and very envious of your amazing skills
    Fantastic model

  5. Thanks for the comments guys, I am glad you like it!

    @Halvar von Flake: the wood grain was done using the standart technique with oil colours over acrylics. There are many articles over the i-net and reading anyone of them will explain better than myself, so please just google it. Then it is just practice, I didn't get the right way to do this for few tries, but eventually in the end I got the hang of it!

    regarding the exhaus manifold - I painted Alclad's stainless steel with airbrush, then WITHOUT buffing I put some of Gunze's Iron and Dark Iron with brush on irregular spots, using old round brush, that is cut very short (2-3mm only). I always dip the brush in the cap of the bottle and never in the paint itself, then realease most of the paint over some kitchen paper and when the brush is just semiwet I start "dipping" it over the part. You can use any metalics for this, but Alclads are not very userfriendly when it comes to brushing them. After this step I buff the part, and this blends the colors and gives very nice "real" look of the part. Then adding the "rust" on specific sppots according to the pictures available and my common sense. Thats it! I added a pic of the engine to the original post.



  6. Fantastic Sasho, I saw the review of the show and there were may outstanding builds there. Gold was no less than it deserved.
    Well done sir, a strong contender for build of the month.

  7. Many thanks for the explanations & the additional pic, Aleksandar.
    My technique for the exhaust is quite similar, but with all steps airbrushed rather than brushed. I'll give it a try next time with your approach.
    What amazes me in your model of the engine is that it doesn't only match the colors, but also the texture of the metal.

  8. Another outstanding demonstration of replicating wood.
    As you stated, pretty much everything a modeler does takes practice to achieve a level the builder is satisfied with let alone anyone else.

  9. Superb! love that wood effect. Not to repeat others, but I'm going to anyway - the exhaust pipe effect is fantastic as well. Just a great build, and well deserving of that award.

  10. Love it. Beautiful job. 🙂

  11. Stellar workmanship, outstanding photo shoot and presentation.

  12. Nice clean build, great wood effect, not easy.

  13. Beautiful, Aleksandar, everything is so good.

  14. An absolute delight to the eye, Aleksandar. I bow to the master.

  15. AK... Its remarkable how well you've used the WNW kit as a "canvas" for finishing the kit to the highest level. Your work is that of a true artist.

  16. simply beautiful work

  17. Aleksander,
    Absolutely stunning. What a marvelous job you have done with this kit. I am at a loss of further words to compliment your work.

  18. said on July 5, 2014

    Well, when you do have a build that you are really pleased with, please let us know. Until then, I guess this "more or less looking OK" Roland will have to do! This is an unbelievably beautiful model you have done. It almost could lure me back into WW1, where I haven't ventured for many decades. Except I would always be thinking of your Roland. Thank you so much!

  19. A wonderful job!

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