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How to illuminate a model – PLASMO’s 1/48 Trumpeter Douglas DC-3 [VIDEO]

We learned to like and enjoy Plasmo's model construction videos on Youtube, and this one, featuring 1/48 Trumpeter DC-3 in Alaska Airlines livery is no exception. However, I found this video special because it provides a more or less complete g[...]

What is this?

Hello all. It's me again. I am so excited. I just finished the fuselage of this scale balsa wood plane that I've been working on since October. What do you think this is? Also, it had the option to turn it into RC or rubber band powered, and see[...]

On This Day…December 19th

Destroyed TBM Avenger on the hangar deck of the USS Monterey (CVL-27) on December 19, 1944. The Monterey was named after the Battle of Monterey in California, during the Mexican–American War in 1846. The damage was caused by the typhoon ‘Cobra’ [...]

On This Day…December 17th

There is a real beauty in this colourised photo of Wilbur (running along the wingtip) and Orville Wright (piloting) during their historic flight on December 17th, 1903. Below is a copy of the telegram sent by Orvelle (sic) excitedly confirmi[...]

Roadtrip Flyby: The Erickson Aircraft Collection

The Erickson Aircraft Collection Museum is located at the Madras Airport, a 45 minute drive north of Bend, Oregon on Hwy 26 near the intersection of Hwy 97N. The collection was originally founded by Jack Erickson of sky crane and aerial firefigh[...]

Monogram R-4D/C-47

Wanting to do a c-47/DC-3 for awhile now, but being space challenged even with 1/72 multi engine birds, and 1/144 being to fiddly for my aged fingers, I compromised on Monograms 1/90ish kit. Got it online a 1983 issue of Puff the Magic Dragon. [...]

Dc-3 olympic airways, italeri 1/72

This is a OOB build with hand made decals.I hope you like it


O.K., if you can figure out the subject of this post without reading further you would win a prize...if I had one! I am a pretty large fan of James Bond movies, you know he's my kind of guy. I was inspired to built this from the Bond movie "[...]