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Airfix (Italeri) 1/72 C-47 Skytrain Hellenic Air Force

After the end of the war, many C-47s continued to offer their services to the USAF, with their contribution to war operations being enormous, as the typical examples of the aerial resupply of Berlin during the Soviet blockade in 1947 and overall participation in the Korean War clearly indicated. The RAF C-47s were given the name "", a name by which the aircraft became known throughout the world.

From 1947 onwards the Royal (Ελληνική Βασιλική Αεροπορία - EBA) began to receive surplus examples from both the USAF and the RAF, the grand total clocking 88, initially equipping the 355 and 356 Tactical Transport Squadrons in Elefsis Air Base.

The type was used in the Greek Civil War (aditionally as a bomber, featuring improvized bomb release systems) and also in the Korean War (where, with the efforts of their crews, it excelled). The venerable bird provided crucial transport services to the Hellenic Air Force throughout its operational life, with the last few examples retiring in 2008.

KK156 started its life as USAAF's 43-49479 bird, delivered to the RAF in September 1949 and transferred to Greece soon after.

It was withdrawn from service in early 2005 and is currently (as of 2022) residing at Tanagra air base as a static display aircraft, with its still acceptable condition deeming it suitable for a possible future restoration in flying status (hope is what drives this world).

This is the 2000's rebox of the old but still very decent offering.

Should you wish to read the full build review, you may do so by visiting my beloved site Modelingmadness:

Happy modelling!
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  1. Nice ! I love seeing Gooney Birds on this Site . Nice example of a perfect plane

  2. An amazing build, Spiros @fiveten
    This Helenic scheme suites the Skytrain perfectly.
    Never new they were also used as bombers, thanks for sharing the historical background of their Helenic service.

    • Thanks my friend @johnb! Indeed, I read in amazement that a piece of the bird's floor was removed and a sort of hanging/releasing "device" was fabricated from scratch, onto where the bombs were hanged and released!

  3. That is a great bird Spiros @fiveten The build is perfect, also the camo scheme and of course the Greek identification. Well done my friend, your kids must be real proud of their dad!

  4. Nice work on that C-47 Spiros, a tribute to a great plane. The C-47 seems to have served everywhere, and at least here I see one flying over head fairly regularly. I like your paint scheme, it looks good on that plane.

  5. Nice work Spiros, looks great in this scheme. Plus nice to see it with Helenic markings. This aircraft served all over this planet! I am amazed that it has not been spotted on the dark side of the moon yet. 40 years ago when I first started working in Newark International Airport, I used to see a couple of the old DC-3's parked by the planes (727/737) that I was working on. Those DC-3's were flying almost everyday back then.

  6. You've done this venerable bird justice...well done, Spiros!

  7. Another nice one Spiros! Looks great.

  8. Great build and a great writeup @fiveten! The soft camo edges are really nice.

  9. Great build Spiros! Everyone loves a Dakota! I actually flew in one 3 weeks ago and naturally added one to the stash! Lovely scheme on this one you've built.

  10. Your Dakota looks great, Spiros, very neatly applied camouflage scheme, a great tribute to this classic design.

  11. Nicely done Spiros.

  12. A very impressive model. Lots of interesting research to go with it. I'm normally not a fan of the DC-3 but this model could change my mind.

  13. Italeri, Testors, Airfix, Revell - whatever the boxing, your Hellenic C-47 looks amazing, Spiros!
    Nice writeup on the MM website, too.
    I recently found this Airfix kit with Canadian markings, bought it and was surprised how good the molding detail was.

  14. Another interesting and well done build Spiros. I really liket he camo scheme.

  15. Excellent build Spiros

  16. Congrats Spiros,I am just imagining your shelves full of models...

  17. Nice looking Dakota , never seen one in Greek markings , looks good. Great looking camo finish.

  18. Nice work, Spiros. Just the right amount of grime on the underside.

  19. Great work Spiros! Another excellent result. The show case must really be filling up!

  20. More great work and article on MM. Didn't you build this awhile awhile ago, Spiros @fiveten?

    Maybe I can talk my next door neighbor into taking some of my builds so I don't have to buy another display case. I do give my retired models to a brother in law but he always breaks a part and then asks for a replacement even though his wife doesn't want them anywhere where she can see 'em. He was going to commission me to build him a Mustang but when he found out how long it takes to do a good job and the cost of models nowadays, changed his mind. He assumed I just whipped them out in 2-3 days!

    • Thanks so much, my friend @eb801! Yes, this was finished some time ago!
      Donating my models turns out to be a useful action, at least frm the point of view hat you have to buy display cases at a lower rate!
      Oh, my! These commission builds! More trouble than fun!

  21. Your Gooney Bird in Greek pajamas looks great! Looking forward to your 2023 production...

  22. Great build of a great plane Spiros. Love the finish!

  23. Great C-47! Very good paiting!

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