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McDonnell Douglas DC-9 / MD-80

1/144 DC-9-33FSAS 75th Anniversary Group Build.

This is an original issue Airfix kit from 1973. I picked it up at a show back in 2017 for $4 US. I dabble in airliners and Douglas products are my favorites. It’s not a bad kit 50 years later. It’s only real failing is that the [...]

Atlantis (ex-Aurora) "Classic Plastic" TWA DC-9, 72nd scale

This is one that I just completed; it's the Atlantis Models DC-9-15 (or thereabouts). This kit appears to be a re-issue of an ancient kit, which I believe was originally Aurora. In any event, the kit is very basic, and consists of parts [...]

C-9 Skytrain II,Airfix,1/144

Here is an Airfix DC-9 done up as a generic Navy C-9B, utilized by the navy's logistical squadrons, On active duty me and my squadron mates racked up some frequent flyer miles on these birds going on detachments or catching the ship for [...]

Airfix 1/144 Douglas Dc-9-32, YU-AHJ, Adia Airways ;Jugoslavija airliner company.

Another senior product made for customer. Images found on the computer and decided to share them with you. Kit has engraved a lot of scratch building lowered flaps slats, etc. Paint whit WEM& xtracolors.,,decals was Two six? By P.k/

1/100 Doyusha Douglas DC-9-15 TWA Conversion

These Doyusha/Entex kits are probably the best quality large scale airliners you can get, if you can get hold of them. The DC-9 kits is very accurate in every way although quite a few years old now and long out of production does lack in [...]

Dc-9, AZ Model 1/144