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F-15DJ Eagle in JASDF Serivce

I stumbled across this and thought how Kazari had to suit up and then walk around the Eagle was pretty cool and informative. And in the background get to see an F-2B and one of the F-2 prototypes. Subtitles are a bit iffy. But enjoy. (link)

Year In Review 2022

This wasn't one of my more productive years in terms of total output, which means I need to add a couple of years to my life expectancy if I'm going to complete my stash before I move on to a better world! I would have to mostly blame [...]

F-15DJ Japanese Aggressor Build Part III . . . The Final Assembly

Hello Friends, This is the Final Part of the Build. I do the weathering, decaling and the final assembly of this F-15DJ. (link) It has taken me around 20 days to build this model and I feel that it still is incomplete. Specially the [...]

F-15DJ Japanese Aggressor Build Part II . . How to Paint this Awesome Color Scheme

Hello Everyone . . Greetings . . . (link) In continuation to my F-15DJ Build, here is Part II of the Build. I will take you through the process of painting this beautiful color scheme. It is complicated but mesmerizing when completed. [...]

F-15DJ . . Japanese Aggressor . .

Hello All, This is the 1/48 Academy F15E Strike Eagle kit built into a F-15DJ used by the JASDF in Aggressor role. This is Part I of a 3 Part Build. This video shows the complete build process ready for paint. (link) The Part II of this [...]