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Year In Review 2022

December 31, 2022 · in Aviation · · 20 · 0.8K

This wasn't one of my more productive years in terms of total output, which means I need to add a couple of years to my life expectancy if I'm going to complete my stash before I move on to a better world! I would have to mostly blame that on the nature of some of the projects. I attempted a new double-chipping technique (metal and primer reveal) on the two P-40s (a Hasegawa and a SMER P-40K converted to an L); kit-bashed an old Hasegawa F-15 DJ with a newer Hasegawa , and then did a lot of masking for the Japanese aggressor scheme; took on another complex paint scheme with some new masking techniques with the Hasegawa Desert Storm Prowler; and spent 3 months on a grueling build of the ICM which was one of the most difficult kits I've ever put together. The other Hasegawa F-15C was pretty much OOB, though I struggled with getting the AK paints used to present a decent contrast, and the Academy went through the rivet shop (along with some other details).

Now that I've written it out, I think I feel better about what I got done! I'm looking forward to next year - I have a 109 F2, a T-50/Su-57, a Tunan and two Phantoms already on the bench - come on 2023!

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20 responses

  1. Very nice builds!

  2. Really tip notch quality, Greg. I especially like the Russian bird!

  3. You can definitely be proud of those builds, Greg @gkittinger
    All the extra time spent on those kits was clearly worth it.
    Your outlook for 2023 is already impressive, looking forward to them.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Great collection of models, Greg. My 2023 turn out as productive!

  5. All impressive builds, Greg.
    Really liked what you did with the Prowler as well as that camo on the Japanese F-15 aggressor.
    All the best for 2023.
    Would your T-50 happen to build a Revell 04664 kit?

  6. Nice work.

    Here's to more in 2023.

  7. A fantastic 2022 collection, Greg! Always a pleasure to see your models, oozing quality!
    Here's to more in 2023!

  8. Very nice collection Greg@gkittinger. Have you tried hairspray technique for chipping? I tried it on the Tempest I posted a day ago and was quite happy with the results.

    More models in 2023!

  9. Very nice work. Looking forward to more in 2023.

  10. Nice output, Greg. Happy New Year!

  11. Look great, Greg (@gkittinger). I love the paint schemes on the Japanese F-15s. Have a great New Year.

  12. They look really good especially in the airplane's natural element. Some great paint jobs.
    Happy New Deal to you and yours.

  13. You should be really pleased with your completed builds last year, Greg, every one of them is excellent, here’s to 2023.

  14. Great group Greg. Love the Japanese kite

  15. Well done Greg, the F 15 scheme looks good.

  16. Great builds Greg, they all look great too! Have a great 2023.

  17. G'day Greg (gkittinger),
    A good selection of builds.
    I particularly like the aggressor scheme - very impressive, particularly for 1/72.
    I think I'll need to add a couple of decades to get through my growing stash.
    I'll be posting my 1/48 Zvezda Su-57 build on the headlines soon and am looking forward to seeing yours.
    All the best for 2023.

  18. Great builds Greg! Loved that Prowler!

  19. Less can always be more 🙂 Particularly like that chequered tail P40, very nice paint and weathering Greg.

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