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USAFE F-86F Sabre 32nd FDS “Slobberin’ Wolfhounds” 1955

When I got the invitation from George Blair @gblair to participate in the Sabre and Fury group build, I thought this was a nice opportunity to make use of the small decal set I had lying around in my stash. The decal set is intended to [...]

Hellenic Air Force F-86E(M) Sabre: 1/48 Academy F-86F Sabre

When I arrived at Williams AFB in 1976 for my first day of Air Force pilot training, I was greeted by an immaculate F-86 that was the gate guard at the time. The F-86 has been one of my most favorite planes since then. Spiros (@fiveten), [...]

KOREA: THE FORGOTTEN WAR 1/48 Hasegawa F-86F "The Huff"

First Lieutenant Jim Thompson's F-86F "the Huff" is famous for being famously photographed with the most astounding nose art of any USAF fighter in Korea. Thompson, a wingman in the 39th FIS of the 51st FIW, shot down a PLAAF [...]

The RNLAF F-86F Thunderstreak

Hi all, Here’s my rendition of the RNLAF F-84F Thunderstreak. Hope you like it. The kit is K48068 from Kinetic. As it is a straightforward OOB build the shape of the air intake is not 100% correct. I know there’s an aftermarket [...]