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Flight 19 TBM-3

Hi all, Had these photos ready for quite some time, but never seemed to have a moment to post this past summer. Hurricane Lee has provided me two days (while I have power and internet) to finally post this. I have FINALLY built my 1/48 [...]

MPM 1/48 Fairey Fulmar

Emerging from the Fairey Battle project, the Fulmar was submitted as a response to a prewar British specification, calling for a two-crew fighter capable of observation and fleet defense operations. As the aircraft was intended to [...]

FAA Fairey Swordfish

Hi All, I present my third and final contribution to the Flight 19, WW2 Fleet Air Arm, mini group build. As with my two previous FAA builds this build is also a tribute to a Fleet Air Arm serviceman. While reading the book, Tune In: The [...]

FAA Corsair, MK IV, KD658

Hi All, My Second of three contributions to the Flight 19, WW2 Fleet Air Arm, mini group build Corsair MK IV KD658 Honoring Canadian, Lt. Robert Hampton Gray, RCNVR, VC, DSC British Pacific Fleet, HMS Formidable, Squadron 1841 Days prior [...]

FAA Corsair, MK II, JT410

Hi All, My first of three contributions to the Flight-19, WW2 Fleet Air Arm, mini group build. Corsair MK.II JT 410 Honoring Canadian, Sub Lt. Donald Sheppard, RCNVR, DSC The only FAA Canadian Corsair ace during WW2. All victories claimed [...]

Flight 19 Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Group Build A pair of Airfix 1/48 P-40’s and a 1/48 Hasegawa A6M-2

I have been extremely busy with all sorts of full scale life lately, and I have not had much free time available at the work bench. Because of this, I was not able to fully complete these models before the December 7th deadline. Sorry. [...]

Flight-19 Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Tribute Group Build: Witness Artifacts

Hi All, My contributions to the “FL-19, Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Tribute, Group Build” are based on two existing artifacts that were, so-called, “eyewitnesses” to the attack: FIRST BUILD: An icon to the attack on Pearl Harbor [...]

First and last

Hey All, The First and Last build idea was an idea suggested by fellow iModeler Paul Barber. Hope to see more of the groups additions soon. The aircraft I chose for my FIRST and LAST builds are based on the so-called “career” of a [...]


“FLIGHT 19, LOST SQUADRON, 75TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE” 75 years ago: Dec 5th, 1945, two Martin PBM-5 Mariners, took off from Naval Air Station Banana River, Florida at 19:27 to search for five lost Avengers, of training Flight 19, over [...]

“Flight 19 Lost Squadron 75th Anniversary Tribute” Accurate Miniatures TBM-1C Avenger as FT-81

First off, I want to thank all of you who held off posting your articles so we could keep our Flight 19 builds together. That was very kind of you and considerate... Flight 19 ... The "Lost Squadron" was previously introduced [...]