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FAA Corsair, MK II, JT410

August 7, 2022 · in Aviation · · 22 · 1.6K

Hi All,

My first of three contributions to the Flight-19, WW2 Fleet Air Arm, mini group build.

MK.II JT 410

Honoring Canadian, Sub Lt. Donald Sheppard, RCNVR, DSC
The only FAA Canadian Corsair ace during WW2.
All victories claimed while flying a Corsair

Aboard HMS Victorious with 1836 Squadron Lt. Sheppard was involved in the attacks of the German ship, Tirpitz.

In June 1944, HMS Victorious left for the Indian Ocean where they were involved in several attacks on Sumatran oil refineries where Don shot down his first victories.

Awarded his DSC in March 1945.

HMS Victorious then headed East to join the British Pacific Fleet and operated with the US Navy during the invasion of Okinawa. Here he claimed his last victory.

2 Oscars destroyed
One Tojo Probable claimed but later confirmed
½ Tojo and ½ Oscar destroyed
One Judy destroyed

After the war he transferred to the RCN.
Promoted to Commander in 1958.
He was CO of an Escort Destroyer in the early '60's.
He retired in January 1974 after serving at NATO HQ

If interested check out these links for more detail and history:

Mostly out-of-box using the , , -1A

Alterations include:
Eagle Editions/EagleCals: Royal Navy F4U's
Ultracast Seat
Shortened wing tips to simulate the FAA style.
Scratch built cockpit fuselage air scoops and exhaust used on FAA Corsairs.

Ak Real Colors:
RC023 Olive Drab
RC024 Olive Drab Faded
RC244 Medium Gunship Grey
RC290 RAF Sky mixed with RC322 RLM 76 Late War
Weathered with lighter colors of the main colors with oil pin washes and dry brushed highlights.

Hope you like and as always...KEEP IT FUN!

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22 responses

  1. I'm really impressed!

  2. A truly superb result, Gary!

  3. This is really great work Gary! Love the extra attention that you paid to small details- it really paid off. Great scheme, finish, and overall build. Thanks for including the history and some of the photos from the build process as well!

  4. If this isn't an inspiration to build an F4U - I don't know what is.
    Great post and a great looking Corsair Gary.

  5. First class model, i like weathering and overall look very much
    Regards Djordje

  6. Gary, @gwskat
    This Corsair is among the best I have ever seen. I like how you have made some changes, such as adding the side ventilation scoops that were used to evacuate carbon monoxide fumes on the FAA Corsairs, and the exit scoop underneath the fuselage. This is only the second F4U that I have seen with them on, with the other one also being another of your builds.

    It's these little things that set your work apart from others. This one really shines ! You have done a magnificent job with it.

    Another thing I enjoy with your articles, are the stories and history behind them.

    I definitely checked the "like" button.

    Thanks for sharing these two Corsairs with us. Now I have to fire up the "Iron Werke" and complete the ones I have started. 😉

  7. I like you got the "FAA equivalent" colors (Neutral Grey for EDSG, Olive Drab for Slate Grey" and "Sky Grey" for Sky) that the Goodyear Corsair IIs used. A lot of guys miss that not-so-minor detail. Very nice work on the extra detail for an FAA Corsair.


  8. Superb scratchbuilding, Gary @gwskat
    First I seen a Corsair with shortened wingtips.
    This scheme is great and beautifully applied.

  9. Amazingly detailed, great work!

  10. Looks great - love the scheme (and took note, as I'd like to build one in 1/72). Well done!

  11. I loved the Corsair you dressed in blue, Gary. Unbelievably, this one is matches it for quality! And if someone put a gun to my head and said pick a favourite...

    This fade and wear and tear are fantastic. As are your added extras. Again, so well done!

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