Messerschmitt Me-410B-1, "Hornisse" (Hornet)

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This is the Pro-Modeler kit in 1:48 scale. I built her a few years back as an OOB project, and if memory serves me correctly, overall it was a pleasant experience with a few hiccups.

Hiccup number one, was the fit in the wing root. Not horrible mind you, but one still needs to be careful there.

Hiccup number two was the canopy which was a complete pain in the hind quarters. I think I expended more four letter words getting this to lie down correctly, than any other part of the build, including the wing roots!

Paints are by Floquil Military Enamels. Weathering is thinned oils and pastel chalk, and the decals are by Aeromaster. Stretched sprue was used for the antenna.

The model dipicts an Me-410 that was assigned to Zerstorergruppe 26, (ZG 26) and based in Konigsberg Germany.

This was the aircraft that was flown by the II Gruppe C. O., Maj. Edvard Tratt who was credited with thirty eight victories. Maj. Tratt was killed in action while flying this aircraft, when he was hit by return fire from 8th Air Force B-24’s he was attacking on 20 February, 1944.

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  1. Cool history on the pilot.
    Very nice build

  2. Very nice work...I like it. 🙂

  3. Say it loud: that canopy SUCKS! You, however, obviously discovered how to tame it (I'm sure it involved a big leather whip and a Louisville Slugger)

    Very nice work on Not The Easiest Model..

  4. Nice work, makes me want to work on the one in my stash

  5. Nice job on the 410 Frederick, I've also build this kit and was surprised at how well it went together as well as the over all detail. The one exception of course was that darn canopy. I'm sure someone has figured an easy way to get it to fit, but it wasn't me.

  6. For me, one of the most beautiful Luftwaffe types. Although the Meng version is now the preferred kit, this looks a good job on what is a somewhat less co-operative example.

  7. Fred, great job, even with the verdamt canopy. Look at all that firepower. I'll bet it lit up when it let loose.

  8. Very nice looking finish. Well done!

  9. Avesome build! I have one somewhere in my "shelf of doom" - I wanted to convert it into the U4 with the BK5 cannon but I never went too far. Your example is stunning and makes me thinking of finishing mine 🙂

  10. Nice work, love the camo.

  11. You'd never know by looking at the finished product that the wing root and canopy gave you any trouble...great work!

  12. It looks great, you obviously know how to cure the hiccups.

  13. VERY nicely done! Great job on the spinners.

  14. Thanks, again Jeff!
    My father was a tanker too. Served just WWII in Germany, near the Czech border. He drove M-47's, loved halftracks, 'Pershing's' and 'Chaffee's.

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