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Modele kartonowe 1:33 Fokker E.III

Fokker E.III. LF 70 Lt Rauschke German Naval Air Service And the paper again. :-)

Fokker D.VII 1/72 Roden

My new job. Soviet Fokker. Best regards, Vlad.

Skeletal Fokker

I've always had a phobia about photo-etched parts. Paint won't stick to them, they fly off into oblivion when picked up with tweezers, they bend where they shouldn't and you can't sand them to shape; it's a pretty unforgiving medium. I hoped t[...]

WNW 1/32 Fokker E.III (late)

A kit that's a lot easier than you might expect. I would recommend it as a "first rigging model" to someone considering doing WW1 models, it's really that simple. Done as the E.III Max Immelmann was shot down in. Completely OOB.