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1/48 TAV-8S Matador (Harrier)

This is the new Kinetic kit built up as a Spanish Navy example. It’s a really nice model of an interesting subject. First off, the fit of the kit is superb with two exceptions. I used no putty or superglue as filler anywhere, only a tad of Mr. Surfacer in spots. The wing to fuselage joint and the exterior parts of the intake are almost seamless. The intake shroud and fan face are nicely molded but Kinetic suggests an unusual assembly sequence that I believe can be improved on . I detailed that in the build sequence that I posted during construction. The other issue is the canopy. It doesn’t fit well in the closed position. Either the forward fuselage is too wide or the canopy parts are too narrow. I elected to install them in the open position which went smoother then I anticipated. I finished the model with Tamiya, Humbrol, and Modelmaster paints and added zero aftermarket to it. This kit is great value for money and comes with a complete decal sheet for 10 diffferent British, US, Spanish, and Thai aircraft. It also includes an enormous array of weapons, most of which aren’t used on this variant. This provides clues that RAF Gr.1/3 models are probably in the pipeline. This was a great project that I highly recommend.

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29 responses to 1/48 TAV-8S Matador (Harrier)

  1. A great build! Looks cool in the gull gray/Spanish scheme.

  2. A really pristine build John! Looks great. I have yet to build something in the Spanish scheme, but really love it. The roundels just set of nicely against the grey.

  3. John:

    You did a fabulous job on this TAV-8S. It is unusual to see such a model built-up, especially to the high standard that you have used. Excellent work!

  4. Yep. What they said ! 🙂

  5. Got to love a Harrier and it’s great to see her in Spanish colours; even more so in such a lovely finish.

    • Thanks, David. I’ve loved Harriers since I first saw (and heard) one over 40 years ago. Nice to see a new crop of 1st generation Harriers in 1/48. I need to do a Kinetic Sea Harrier FRS.1 to replace the Airfix version I built right after the Falklands war.

  6. Nicely done John, first one I’ve seen built, looks good in the Spanish motif. The Harrier is the one jet my wife loved to see fly at air shows. She always referred to it as Hawker Harry.

  7. John,
    I can honestly say that I have never seen a Harrier painted in these colors. It looks very nice and reminds me of the colors you would find a Navy Reserve F4U wearing in the 1950’s. I like it, and followed along with you during the construction stages. Well done my friend !!!

    I still remember the first time I ever saw a real one flying around at an air show. The pilot flew over the edge of the runway and the jets exhaust started blowing clumps of grass everywhere !!! It was especially cool when the plane took a “bow” after the flight exhibition was over and the pilot “tipped” the nose down while flying sideways in front of the crowd.

    Cool memories indeed.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful plane with us.

  8. John, Nice job! Simple yet very striking. A real eye catcher.

  9. Thanks for directing us to your build thread. I was wondering
    why they split the air intake. Nice to know I don’t have to. I was on the fence about the black RN or camoflauged USMC versions but yours looks so good in grey I may go that route! Super clean build John!

  10. Hello John,
    The model looks great.
    Regards, Dirk

  11. Impressive unique subject model! Really great overall paint/finish. Sharp details. Enjoyed the brief summary. Thanx for sharing this with the community.

  12. Nice Harrier John!
    The twin seaters look really bizarre, but you’ve captured that obscurity brilliantly!

  13. Never thought of that finish before
    Really like it

  14. My favourite scheme for the Harrier. Great job.

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