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Special Hobby's 1/48 scale He115B-2/C

Hi, guys... this is my latest completed kit and another return to a kit I tried a few years back, and arguably, a better outcome this time. As anyone who has attempted this model will know, it's a difficult kit in places but certainly [...]

1/48 Special Hobby He -115 B-1

1./KFIGr. 406 Norway 1942 This is definitely NOT the kit to attempt as a first limited run project. It requires a large amount of prep work especially thinning the trailing edges of the flying surfaces and the floats are also areas of [...]

Heinkel He 115. Special Hobby 1/48th.

It's taken 2 years (on and off) to complete and my wife has learned lots of new words! The kit has been a real pain to build with lots of issues to overcome BUT I think it's been worth it ?.

Heinkel He-115, Matchbox 1/72

My first completed build of the new year is the venerable Matchbox He-115, a kit that I think was first issued the year I graduated from high school back in the '70's. It's also the first model to come out of my new model room. Built [...]

HE-115, 1/48, done. more done, really done

Well I did some weathering, trying not to over do it and added the exhaust pipes which I had forgotten, and antenna wire, in the process broke the nose gun in two, which I didn't even notice until I looked at these photos...that is typical [...]

Heinkel HE-115B, 1/48

Well not too much to say about this, the big thing is I am calling it done. This is a Special Hobby brand kit, a first of those for me. Clint Eastwood said "a man's got to know his limitations" - there's a lot of truth in that [...]