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Heinkel He 115. Special Hobby 1/48th.

November 14, 2018 · in Aviation · · 23 Comments

It's taken 2 years (on and off) to complete and my wife has learned lots of new words! The kit has been a real pain to build with lots of issues to overcome BUT I think it's been worth it ?.

1 additional image. Click to enlarge.

23 responses

  1. Well, new words notwithstanding, it's a fine looking model. Ya don't see these around much.

    Well done, David!

  2. Well worth it, looks great!

  3. Looks great David - I have one of these in the stash - I would love to see some more photos if you have them!

  4. David, this is a great first post. Like Jeff said, SH Heinkel 115 is not often seen completed. I have to admit I envy you, been wanting to build a 1/48 model of this plane ever since I built the old Matchbox in my mid teen years.
    Just what problems did you encounter while building it?
    Looks very good, shame you don’t add a couple more pics thou

    • Thank you.
      Lots of fit issues, distorted parts, wings needed loads of scraping to get acceptable trailing edges to name but a few. Worst of all some of the plastic wouldn't glue together, a problem I have heard that someone else has had!
      I have more photos to come but they are too big to upload and need compressing first, I'll post them asap.

  5. Lovely, David. An impressive build - especially with all that glass - can we see more photos?


  6. Having built one of those myself, it's not surprising you "learned new words." That is one tough mutha of a kit to complete. You did a great job on that monster.

  7. Some more photos of th He 115 build.

    14 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  8. For a kit that has but a few years in the market it looks surprisingly unfriendly to build, not their best effort. A shame considering being the only He.115 in the 1/48 market segment. Again thanks for posting the extra photos and for the words of caution

  9. This plane featured in the movie, ‘ Action in the North Atlantic’ - if you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth a watch.

  10. Great job. I love to see Special Hobby kits built by others as well as myself.
    You've inspired me to do one of these.
    Well done, looks great

  11. Great job, David. I’ve wanted to build one if these in Norwegian markings. Thanks for the in progress shots.

  12. nice job - had no idea it was such a difficult kit. it is in my "I want to build" pile, and now I am not sure if it goes lower down in that pile or not! You sure made it look good, and seeing those in progress shots helped clarify how much of a challenge that was! thanks for posting.

  13. Thanks for the additional photos, David!

  14. Great build - love the form of the He-115 - have a 1/72 to build, and really like the scheme you used. Nice paint and weathering work as well - well done!

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