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PT-217 Twin Kaydet

Here's what happened when I tried to build two Revell PT-17s at the same time. I spent more time sniffing glue than reading instructions and things got a bit confusing...whatever, As I was thinking about all the thousands of future [...]

Roden 1/32 Stearman PT-17 Kaydet IDF

The Stearman was a trainer in the early days of the IDF. The iconic aircraft received several schemes during its decade long service. I chose two of the more common schemes while in service. Roden's Stearman is a most problematic build. [...]

1/48 Revell Stearman PT-17 "Kaydet"

The Boeing Stearman is probably the most well recognized biplane of all time with plenty still regularly flying today since its inception in the mid 1930’s. Used by the military during WWII, the PT-17 was the primary trainer for both the [...]

What’s with that “quick build” thing?

Too long; didn’t read summary: I no longer think I can find satisfaction in quick builds. They can be either quick or satisfying. Never both. Your mileage may vary. Quick build (noun • /kwik bild/) A box of sprues you grab, glue and [...]