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Codename: Gerbera (Kitbashed Mecha)

OK, this is a weird one. This is a robot model based on a drawing by Jan Buragay. It's mostly kit-bashed and scratched, with a few key elements being 3D printed. I’ve been slowly working on it, on and off, in-between some other projects [...]

VW R8 Samba "Sleepah"

This is a little kit bash project that I did a while back, having been inspired by a monster VW bus built by the crew on Gotham Garage (Netflix or Prime), can't quite recall. Anyway they inspired me to build a VW Samba bus rat rod that was [...]

1:35 Manned Walker

I’ve been wanting to build some sort of open cockpit piloted power suit / walker for a while now. I started with a seated tank crew figure from Miniart and built a seat for him from some styrene scraps and kit parts. I really didn’t [...]

3 Spitfires to make 1: Spitfire Mk.XIVe High-Back Conversion from Eduard and Airfix 1/48 kits

As something of a Coronavirus lockdown special effort, I finally did something I've been thinking about attempting for months and which others including Tom Cleaver have done previously: A Mk.XIV high-back conversion kit bash. I built this [...]