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Lockheed P-38G Lightning, Tamiya 1/48

The machine is from 339 FS, 347 FG 147 Lt. Robert Petit Operation Vengeance Bougainvill, April 1943

Marking from the box, from the accessories only mainly machine guns and some sheets into the cockpit. Fiber on antenna by Uschi, all colors Mr.Paint

24 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses

  1. Stunning and beautifully presented. The paintwork and Weathering makes this bird really stand out. Very nice job.

  2. Great job, Tomas! I agree with Glenn, the paint job and weathering are really nice, very realistic. If you don't mind I will be using yours as a guide once I get mine on the bench. Again, good job!

  3. I really wanted this when it was announced. I have the opportunity to get it soon hopefully, so maybe I'll get my chance. You knocked it out of the park! The P-38 is interestingly designed, and I like how you left everything open to see your details that you put in there.


  4. Wonderful rendition, bravo!

  5. I echo what the others have said - it's a beautiful version, very well painted. Nice photos too. One thing: wasn't it Rex Barber who flew this one in Operation Vengeance?

  6. The close ups are out standing. Toma's some of the recent youtube tutorials show modelers using a mask with random openings ...kind of like the mottling on Italian aircraft only on a smaller scale. I wonder if you used this mask to break up the gray under sides and the drop tanks? It visually makes for a more interesting model.

    I also, like what you've done with the turbos the browns and the blacks and the exhaust staining
    are like the photos . Inspirational.

    If there where a model of the month'd have my vote. Some really strong work here.

    Two thumbs up.

  7. Beautiful work and stunning photography, Bravo!

  8. Tomas, you've showed us an outstanding rendition of an outstanding aircraft! Like Jordyn put it, "You knocked it out of the park!"

    Your painting & weathering are absolutely superb and makes this look like an exact miniature of the real 'Miss Virginia.' One of THE finest models I've ever seen. And ... your photography is excellent!

    Bravo indeed!

  9. Great build. Great finish. All good. Clearly, the work of an artist. .

  10. Beautiful, realistic result. I really like this.

  11. It really looks like it's done the hard yards. Well done.

  12. Another beauty - you have such a great touch on the paint and finish work. My guess is you did a later of salt technique to get such fine grain mottling of the finish.

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