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Tamiya 1/48 KV-1

From September 2006: History: The KV-1 was a response to a 1939 specification for a heavy breakthrough tank armed with a 76.2mm cannon and armor capable of resisting anti-tank weapons up to the same caliber. The basis of the design was the SM[...]

The Russian KV-1 and 2

This model is a KV-1 tank with the optional KV-2 turret. This build was a small, quick one. Working nonstop after school (after homework of course) really allows one to release stress. I took your guys' suggestions from my last post and made a [...]

1/35 Tamiya KV-1 Russian tank with Bolt on Armor

This KV-1 was a monster of a tank for it's time................... and it caught the Germans by nasty surprise when they first encountered them in combat on the Eastern Front. In fact this tank is probably one of the reasons (along with the s[...]

Tamiya 1:48 KV-1

This is my latest work, 1:48 KV-1 from Tamiya. Great little kit, built OOB. I played around with some weathering to achieve that "busy look". Hope you like it.