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Airfix 1/48 Supermarine Seafire Mk 47

December 6, 2013 · in Aviation · · 30 · 2.3K

Well at long last I got this completed, it is actually my second attempt at this kit the first one fell at the last hurdle when the matt varnish dried white and ruined the entire build, I've never seen that happen before and have been offered a few reasons as to the cause all of which seem plausible, anyhow I got there in the end and feel this attempt is better than the first one.

I used a Rob Taurus canopy and an Aeries resin seat just to bring it up to a more acceptable standard, your comments please.


P.S. For this build I used the new Humbrol matt varnish in a rattle can and recommend it to all,easy to use and no airbrush to clean afterwards.

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  1. Great looking build Neil, expecially considering your earlier problems with the finishes.

    I take it that it's 1/48? I seem to remember Airfix reissued this kit after many years with new-style instructions and box art. For an 'old' kit the lines look remarkably clean, and the new seat and sparkling canopy really set it off nicely.

    Cheers for sharing.

  2. Thanks for looking Rob , I've just changed the heading to include the scale, I think the sprues had 1996 moulded in , it is an O.K. moulding but not without it's problems, one of the camera ports had a"dimple" in the centre which was present in both the kits I bought also the canopy is very thick and not very clear but the panel lines are nicely done and the decals are by cartograf so no probs there.

  3. It looks good Neil, glad that you finished it.
    I know the problems with Humbrol varnish, it ruined a couple of builds I was finishing.
    As Rob said, the new seat and canoy set it off well.
    Well done mate.

  4. Always love to see any version of a Spit Neil. The fleet colors look good as always to me & the finish comes together as a complete package.
    Looks great!

  5. Looks good, Neil!
    Did the harness come molded with the seat or is it photoetch?

  6. The "Spit" looks like a modern (1950's) era aircraft with that propeller arangement. Great job on the paint scheme, nothing more discouraging than a paint finish that goes south at completion. ( I would have put my model "in flight" across the room if my paint job changed color). Nice clean build!

    • Thanks for your comments Mike, believe me the first one very nearly got launched up the street but thankfully I resisted the urge because it will reappear sometime as a "what if" that I think will interest a few people on this site - watch this space!

  7. What varnish was it mate, Humbrol clear has does that to me before drying cloudy on my F16! I had to scrub it back to clear plastic and get on with it. Nice build though mate.

  8. Alright Rich, For the first one that went white I used ordinary Humbrol matt varnish mixed about 50/50 with good quality cellulose thinner which is how I finished all the other builds in my gallery on this site so didn't expect any problems , the second one is Humbrol matt varnish in a rattle can which I will probably use from now on for three reasons, 1 I can use it in the spare room where I do my building instead of out in the garage where I normally do my spraying ,2, you can use just enough to get the finish you want and no more meaning the varnish coat is very thin, I find that when I've mixed up an amount of varnish the mingebag in me always makes me use it all rather than just stopping and throwing a bit away ! ,3, no boring cleaning out the airbrush when I'd sooner be having a brew whilst staring lovingly at my finished build.


  9. This has to be one of the most attractive aircraft ever, the colour scheme really sets off the beautiful lines, and you've achieved a very neat finish. I'm sure I remember building a Fairey Gannet which had a similar propeller, it might have been a 1/72 Frog kit, it was a very long time ago now, but this reminds me of the colour scheme. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks George , the contra - rotating prop appeared on a few aircraft around this time , I also have a Westland Wyvern in my gallery , I would love a Classic Airframes Gannet in 1/48 but they go for silly money on ebay.

  10. I like your new photo by the way, Neil, you've obviously been to Morecambe Bay recently!

  11. Ah, she's a real looker Neil! Beauty mate, job well done indeed.

  12. lovely build neil

  13. Neil,
    All's well that ends well, right? My goodness, that must have been a terrible experience with the first one. Looks like you more than made up for it with this one.
    I'm very fond of the late mark Spitfire/Seafire, and did a digital "painting" of the FR.47, it's on the "Aircraft" page of my website at
    You have done a beautiful model of a beautiful aircraft!
    Thanks for posting.

  14. Neil,
    Gorgeous model. Very well done. I think at one time or another we all have had similar experiences. That's a what walls are for. To throw things at. One possibility could be cold or damp conditions. Just a thought,

    • Thanks for looking Frank, actually I had been using my clothes dryer, which is in the garage a couple of hours before,but all seemed fine,no condensation on the window etc and it's well ventilated but that could well have been the culprit .

  15. Neil, Your Seafire looks Great. A mean looking machine for sure.

  16. Lovely clean Seafire Neil, very nice work there.

  17. Nice, Neil. I like the absence of exhaust and weathering-getting overdone these days by many. Clean builds are accurate as well, as everything is "new" sometime.

    • Thanks for looking Bryan, I do sometimes tinker about with weathering but I'm not that good at it if I'm honest, it never looks right to me and I do like the clean look anyway.

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