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Korea War GB: Lavochkin La11 Fang, ARK models, 1/48

Herewith my finished Lavochkin La11 Fang from ARK models. This build is part of the “Korea : The Forgotten War“ group build. It is a fairly easy kit which was already mentioned in the review of Tom Cleaver @tcinla here on iModeler in [...]

Chinese Civil War/Korean War...1/48 Lavochkin La-11 "Fang", Chinese People’s Volunteer Air Force

After the USN Skyraider, this is my dad´s second Korean War build this year. Hobby Boss kit, painted with a mix of Gunze H307 FS36320 Gray and H334 Barley Gray BS4800. Horizontal antenna wires with EZ Line, vertical one with fishing [...]

Last Pistons...1/48 Lavochkin La-11 "Fang", 911th IAP Soviet Airforce

Ark Models kit, Eduard seatbelts, EZ Line for antenna Painting instructions call for cherry red, but there are lots of different dad used Tamiya X-7 Gloss Red with a touch of brown. The cockpit detail is a bit sparse, only [...]

Review: Newly landed on my doorstepArk Models 1/48 Lavochkin La-11

I ordered this from a dealer in Russia back last December. It finally showed up last Saturday (thanks much, Louie DeNoJoy). It's a simple kit. Far better than the limited-run Mikro-Mir kit. Panel lines look heavy when compared with photos [...]