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Saab 32 Lansen - a two-seat jet attack aircraft produced by SAAB from 1955 to 1960 for the Swedish Air Force. During its long operational life, the Saab 32 also served as a fighter, reconnaissance, electronic warfare and a target-tug aircraft.

Viking Spear...1/48 Saab J32B Lansen, Svenska Flygvapnet

So, after Harvard and Saab 17, here´s my dad´s third and last Swedish subject for now. As with all HB/Trumpeter kits the HB Lansen has its shape and accuracy issues but it looks like a Lansen. The only thing my dad did was engraving some [...]

Tarangus 1/48 Saab Lansen

This is the limited edition 1/48 Saab Lansen by Tarangus, a relatively new company specializing in Swedish subjects. I built this a couple years ago for Airfix Model World magazine, the article appearing in the December 2013 [...]

SAAB A32A Lansen from Tarangus in 1/48 scale.

This is Tarangus' first model kit & I must say well worth building, especially if you want something a bit different. The Swedish aircraft industry is amazing. For such a small country to develop a succession of world class aircraft [...]