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Italeri PBJ-1D, 1/72

Started this one quite awhile ago. It got put on the shelf after being masked for painting, waiting for me to move, get my airbrush booth set up, and then finally take the plunge into using it! This was my third project airbrushed (after the Savage and Vindicator), and the first time I tried pre-shading. Didn't really like the result of the pre-shading (I'm still learning about AB control, and paint opacity). (More on pre-shading/black basing when I post on my F-2B). I also had two other issues - 1: I messed up masking the clear section of the nose and allowed white to be seen on the interior of the front greenhouse, and 2: when I tried to lighten the center of the panels with the same color paint lightened with white, it came out darker! Not sure what the issue was there unless it had to do with opacity - I remixed a second time with an even lighter mix, and just about brought it back to where it was.

Mostly OOB except for scratchbuilding the interior sides of the bomb bay doors (and actuator rods), since it was to be posed up with the torpedo suspended, and adding the gun blast shields in front of the fuselage gun packs. Also did a little detailing of the engines.

I used the test aircraft scheme, since the torpedo-totin' never went to war (as far as I know). Used AK pencils, pastel chalks, and Tamiya master weathering sets for the weathering.

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  1. Looks great, and on one of your signature stands!

  2. Nice inflight pose, I like that. And I also like the overall look of the model. The engine work is beautiful!

    Greg, the trick with everything regarding paint and airbrush is the paint dilution ratio. You can also consider the pressure of the airflow and the distance between the airbrush tip and the model, but if you don’t get that first thing right, the rest won’t help.

    Looking at the pre-shade on your model, perhaps a softer spraying will blend better under the blue. Trust me in no time you will start freehand painting camouflage 😉

  3. Looks great, Gregg!

  4. There are always a few modelers who post things on here, where I can tell right away who the builder is just by looking at the very first picture... You are one of these "few" Greg. Please take that as a compliment.

    Your planes always look perfect, and look right at home sitting on top of your "Patent Pending" one of a kind display stands. This PBJ is no exception...

    I can't say that I have ever seen one of these built up with a torpedo slung underneath.

    Well done my friend, and may you and your family have a Merry Christmas. Take care, and have a Happy New Year.

  5. True artisanship. Amazing work, Greg!

    Have a great Christmas, for unto us a Child is born!

  6. Love the build Greg. Good to see you back on the boards!

    Merry Christmas

  7. Lovely job on this one Greg , it's surprising what can be achieved on these older kits , they are a passion of mine . I think you've been a little self critical about the glazing it looks fine to me.
    Well done ,N.

  8. Gosh I remember building this back in the mid-90's. I still have it on the shelf, but not as well done as this one. It was one of the first builds to get back into the swing once I got back from being in the Navy. Times have changed since then as funny as it sounds, there were not many choices of B-25's in 72nd scale back then. Looks so much better in flight. Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories Greg.

  9. Nicely done Greg looks like you're on track with using an air brush. Always enjoy seeing your planes displayed in flight.

  10. Very nice work, Gregg. Clearly you are well down the road to mastering your new airbrush;...and of course the perfect subject choice always is a Marine aircraft.

  11. Outstanding job Gregg. Had you shown me any of the pictures except the first one with your signature stand, I would have never guessed it was 1/72 scale. Very well done!

  12. I almost missed this post Greg, Just fantastic, I love your builds, keep them coming.
    Have a great Christmas, and a prosperous new year.

  13. Nicely done Greg, looks good and different with the torpedo !

  14. beautiful...all around

  15. Nice one Greg. Looks great. Makes me want to do wheels up. Happy Christmas mate ?

  16. Great work Greg!

  17. Looks great Greg!

  18. Beautiful job. Love the engine detailing!

  19. Hello Greg,
    Fantastic in flight diorama. In fact, that's where they belong : "Flying"
    Regards and Happy Modeling in 2020.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  20. Nice B-25, paint looks great, lotta good work.

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