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Meng 1/35 Magach 6B Gal

From the outset, Meng's "Magach" (rampage) 6B is a promising kit. A detailed kit of the Israeli adaptation to the M60A1 with enhanced armor to meet increasing threats in the battle field. The fit of parts is very good and the [...]

Magach 6B

Academy 1.35 The model was lying around in a half-built box for too long ,I finally decided to finish it. here is the result a+

Academy and Dragon 1/35 "Magach" variants in the IDF

Over the years the M48A and its successor the 60A has undergone extensive modifications in the IDF service. "Magach" stands for battering-ram. Magach variants are among my favorite AFV models. Without effort, when completed the [...]

IDF Magach 6 Gal Batash

IDF Magach 6 Gal Batash 1/35 Academy Models

IDF Magach 7

This is my first attempt in quite a while at modeling. For the most part, this is the Academy Magach 7C kit with a few scratch built add-ons and edits. Overall a good kit but it looks way too high on the road wheels. I tried to modify [...]