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Review: Academy 1/48 Beechcraft T-34B Mentor

The T-34 was the brainchild of Walter Beech, who developed it as the Beechcraft Model 45 private venture at a time when there was no defense budget for a new trainer model. Beech hoped to sell it as an economical alternative to the North [...]

The Beauty of Rivets

I took a break from building models to spend some time building the real thing. I worked on the restoration of an incredible gentleman's Grumman/McKinnon G-21 Goose. That ten year long project completed he is now working on a Beech Craft [...]

Hasegawa 1/72 T-34A Mentor ,From the before time.

Another survivor from the before time, before I joined the Navy,or before I got married, I don't remember which, either way model production decreased after both. As I recall the kit included a tow tug which I never completed, I think I [...]

Czech Models 1/48 T-34C Turbo Mentor

Thought I would post something a little different that you dont see posted very often. It is the limited-run Czech Models 1/48 T-34 Primary Navy Trainer. The Turbo-Prop version of the venerable Beechcraft T-34A and B models. The T-34C [...]