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Monogram-New Ware Apollo Lunar Module

The NASA Apollo Program led to the successful landing of a human being on the surface of the Moon. Early missions in the series developed tactics and techniques and rehearsed the operational segments that would culminate in 1969 with the [...]

New Ware Thor-Able

Thor-Able was a two-stage, expendable launch vehicle used in the late 50’s and early 60’s for NASA/USAF satellite launches and re-entry vehicle tests. The main stage made use of the Thor intermediate range ballistic missile (one of [...]

Apollo 17 Orange Soil December 12, 1972

This is the New Ware resin figure set depicting the discovery of the orange soil during the second Lunar traverse. Eugene Cernan is in the suit with the red stripes. Harrison Schmitt is in the plain suit and is holding the sampling tool. [...]

1/144th scale New Ware Thor Able II-Tiros 1 LV

This is another non-AC subject I completed in the past two weeks. New Ware is a company that produces high quality all resin kits of various rocket designs. This is the first kit I have built from this company and I will say that it was [...]