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PT boats (short for Patrol Torpedo boats) of the US Navy

Italeri 1:35 PT Boat

Nearly finished with just a few smaller parts and decals to be fitted. A very straightforward and enjoyable build which I can heartily recommend!

Revell 1/72 PT boat

I have been working on this kit for the past 2 months and am now calling it completed - my 1/72 Revell PT boat. Safety rope and rope holders are added using pins, copper wire and thin rigging thread as these are not supplied in the [...]

A visit to a PT boat

I had an opportunity to spend a day at the Museum of the Pacific War / Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas a few days. For those who haven't been, I recommend you make a stop there; it will be worth the trip. Since I am interested in [...]

Italeri 1/35 Elco PT boat.

This model was a commission build for a very good friend of mine. It took me two weeks from start to finish and it was an absolute pleasure to build. The kit fitted together without any hassle. The plastic used is so different from what I [...]

battle damaged elco pt boat

this is the revell 1/72 scale pt-109 kit i saw some pics of three different damaged pt boats in a few pt boat reference books i have and mixed the damages from each boat together in one model

mchale's pt-73 from 97 mchale's navy movie

i started with the revell 1/72 pt-109 kit and scratch built the rest, the guns came from my parts box the grey primer on the hull came out to dark for it to be that acurate to movie hull color

pt-73 from the 97 mchale's navy movie

i started with the 1/72 revell pt-109 and scratch built the rest the guns are from a 1/72 scale airfix vosper i shortened the torpedoe tubes from the 109 kit

pt boat

this is a custom pt boat i built out of spare parts in my parts bin

mini pt boat

this is a 1/183 scale hawk kit from 1967 i hand painted it russian armor green the bottem of the hull is painted salamander orange/red

pt-73 from mchale's navy

this is the revell 1/72nd scale british vosper m.t.b i scratch build the radar mast and placed a single 50 cal on tripod on the foredeck i had the pt-73 decals custom made by a friend