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Mirage 1/72 PZL.37A

Whereas in 1928 the Polish Department of Aeronautics ordered aviation manufacturer Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze (PZL) to make preparations towards the development of a multi-engine night bomber, it was finally decided to procure a number [...]

PZL P.11c, serial:8.139/478-N, taktical no 4,P/O Tadeucz Sawicz .(2 aerial victories) 114.Figter sqadron,September 1939,POLAND.

One of the last projects at the end of March 2022 . Build out of the box with some corrections in the scrach. Painted with HATAKA orange lacquer for Polish aviation very excellent. Represents an aircraft: PZL P.11c, serial:8.139/478-N, [...]

Mirage Hobby 1/48 PZL.37B Łoś

Introduced in 1938, the PZL.37 Łoś was a twin-engine all-metal monoplane medium bomber, considered to be not only the most modern and effective weapon then possessed by Poland, but also one of the most advanced bombers then operational [...]

Review: Arma Hobby 1/48 P.11c

Apologies in advance for the photos - for some reason my digiNikon did not like trying to replicate this color against light blue. Another modeler related similar difficulty, so it's not just me. Trust me, it looks better in person. The [...]

Arma Hobby PZL P-11c

Here’s my 1/72 Arma Hobby PZL P-11c. This is a nice little kit, although I think the panel lines on the wings are overdone. The fuselage and interior are excellent. A nice interior with PE is provided in this “Expert” edition. You [...]

PZL P.11c 141 fighter squadron from Toruń 1939

From the author: I build the PZL p 11c form Arma Hobby (Polish manufacturer). The scale is 1/72. The paint set was Hataka set for Polish aircraft. The kit was very nice. I the price of EUR13 we get 4 painting scheme, nice surface details, [...]

PZL P.1/I. and P.1/II. fighter prototypes – SBS 1:72 resin kit double build.

Hi All! I reviewed this kit earlier so it's time for the second step: build it. SBS owner Csaba Bordacs kindly asked me to build one for him and I decided to make a double build as I'd like to have one too for myself. To make things a bit [...]

Review: Review – SBS 1:72 PZL P.1 prototype fighter kit

Hi All! This is a quick review on SBS new/old PZL P.1 prototype fighter kit. Old because they took over the Arma Hobby’s masters and new because they reworked it slightly. The PZL P.1 was a Polish fighter manufactured by the PZL [...]

PZL P.7 (Arma Hobby 1/72)

This is the second kit from the Deluxe Set by polish manufacturer ArmaHobby (which was also known as Attack Squadron). If somebody is interested, first one is here – (link) The kit comes very nicely without any significant issues, and I [...]