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Toyota TS050 Race car with an A6M5 feel

I am an airplane guy. I joined a group build that had as its theme motor sports. I had picked up this Tamiya kit a few months ago with the intent of giving it a Japanese fighter feel. The main color is IJN Dark Green. I shot the hood in [...]

The NASCAR Race truck build

Good lord AMT makes horrible kits. I would never touch one of these kits if I wasn't paid to do so. I think drug use is rampant at the AMT factory. Anyhoo here is a 1/25th scale AMT NASCAR Raybestos race truck. Custom everything on this [...]

100 Ans de Le MansSauber-Mercedes C9

Here's the final result of my attempt at building the Tamiya 1:24 scale Sauber-Mercedes C9, the winner of the 1989 Le Mans race, as my entry in the Le Mans 100 year anniversary group. This is a very well-engineered kit that builds into a [...]

My 1/12 scale GT-40

Here is my Trumpeter? 1/12 Scale GT-40! This kit was a lot of work with lots of scratch building involved, due to this kit was a toy in some form at one point. Kit on it's own is very simple so a lot of creativity is involved in getting [...]

22 - Tamiya 1/24 Castrol Toyota Tom's Supra GT

What a fantastic model to build, so much fun and so very well made. There is no engine but excellent details in the suspension and shocks that it was really fun. Also a beautiful race interior and roll cage. If you love decals this one is [...]

14 - Tamiya 1/24 Mazda 787b

I was given this kit semi- built and really loved completing it, I'd love to get a new one and start from scratch as it was a really nice kit, the car turned out beautifully. Only had one issue with it where half of a decal for no reason I [...]

Jet car

This is german representative in land speed record breaking alternative after war history (say it 3 times fast).

1954 Hudson NASCAR 1/25th scale Moebius Models Kit

UPDATE! I have finally finished this Hudson for Jay Ward of Pixar. I have added all of my custom designed decals and the model is now on it's way to Pixar! This is an interesting build I have almost completed for Jay Ward the head of Pixar [...]