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Photoshoot for Fiddlers Green YF-22 Raptor "Lightning II"

Like all fiddlers green model this one went together quite well. Remember that they are basics to getting seriously into the world of Aviation paper modeling. Loved that this one has joined my team. Cheers.


This was a really fun build. managed to do the front half a little different from what was instructed and it turned out just fine. Wish there was the YF-23A beside it! Cheers.

1st Attempt at the F-22 Raptor

Hi all, This is my first try at replicating the truely unique grey-with-underlying-metal look of the awesome US Air Force F-22 Raptor stealth fighter. Build video attached as ever: (link)

1/48th F-22 Raptor

Here is my 1/48th scale, Academy, F-22 Raptor, painted with Citadel Acrylics. This kit had been languishing in my stash, but then I read Sten-Arne B Brunsby’s article about how he simulated the “Raptor Sheen” paint scheme on a [...]

Academy 1/72 F-22A Air Dominance FighterThe Raptor

This is my latest build; the Academy 1/72 ADF where I have added an Eduard zoom-kit and the Aires resin exhausts. The resin sidewalls of the latter fitted really badly so I decided to scratchbuild the walls out of styrene sheet [...]

1/48 Hasegawa F-22A Raptor

Latest completion, great kit that goes together without any issues. Finished out as 1st FW Langley AFB, VA.