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1/48th F-22 Raptor

August 9, 2019 · in Aviation · · 8 · 5.5K

Here is my 1/48th scale, Academy, , painted with Citadel Acrylics. This kit had been languishing in my stash, but then I read Sten-Arne B Brunsby's article about how he simulated the “Raptor Sheen” paint scheme on a 1/48th scale Hasegawa F-22 using Citadel metals. This was just the inspiration I needed to drag the F-22 out of mothballs and build it.

I followed his technique as closely as I could, and I was rewarded with what I think is a very accurate finish. The sheen is subtle, which to me looks perfectly in-scale. Sten even provided mixing ratios in his article which made duplication of his efforts rather easy.

For the Light Metallic Grey, I mixed Chainmail + Codex Grey, approximately 3-parts Chainmail to 1-part Codex. To replicate the Dark Metallic Grey, I mixed Bolt-Gun Metal + Codex Grey, again using a ratio of 3-parts metallic and 1-part grey, but this time with a couple drops of Chaos Black added to the mix.
I was worried the gloss coat for the decals would mute the sheen effect, but sticking to Sten's instructions, I went ahead and over coated the metallics with gloss (I used Future). The gloss coat altered the metallics ever so slightly, but the overall sheen effect remained. After applying the decals, I over coated with Micro-scale satin, and fortunately that didn't negatively impact the sheen either.

I had never used Citadel paints before, but I have to say they were spectacular. The metallic shades are unique, allowing a modeler to create really interesting finishes you can't get with typical (standard) metallic shades. They have ultra-fine pigments and can produce a finish as authentic as Alclad. They thinned perfectly with water and they were super durable. This paint scheme required copious amounts of masking, and never once did any of the Citadel paints lift or flake. I only wish the entire range was easier to find here in the USA.

Anyway, I hope you like the end result, and I send a big shout out to Sten for supplying me the inspiration to finally build my Raptor.

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  1. I have never seen this technique used before and it really produces a great result. Aren't Citadel paints designed for brush-painting figures? How much did you have to thin them down, and with what thinner? Awesome job.

    • George, for this application I used plain old tap water to thin the Citadel paints. As for thinning, using my trusted technique of thinning to the consistency of whole milk, worked perfectly. I couldn't actually give you a thinning ratio, however.

  2. Turned out pretty well, Scott...I like it.

  3. Great job on the Raptor, especially the spectacular paint job. I have a lot of Citadel paints, because I do a lot of Warhammer 40K stuff for my gamer son. As you have mentioned, the names of the Citadel colors are made for the gamer community, and are not especially useful for modelers trying to determine what Citadel color will work on their B-25C, P-51D, or F105D.
    I must mention that Citadel colors (like Vallejo) come in a wide-range of colors, so I'm sure that the color that one needs is included, it's just determining which color. "Ork Skin" is what color in WWII aircraft? One helpful reference is the Vallejo Equivalence manual that list the Citadel paints and then its equivalent in other manufacturers paint lines. I found the equivalents manual on the Vallejo website; I'm not sure if still up on their site, but a search may yield a very handy reference because almost all paint manufacturers are listed. I can't vouch for the overall accuracy of the equivalences, but the ones that I have checked seem fairly accurate.

    Anyhoo, great job, and thanks for showing us the results.

  4. That's a handsome Raptor!

  5. Great looking Raptor, the Raptor-sheen looks fantastic!

    I built the 1/72 version from Academy a while ago and I had to struggle a lot to get the sheen right.

    The Citadel paints are really good, but the names makes me LOL 😀 😀

  6. Wonderful miniature, Scott!

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