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Kiwi Avenger

The RNZAF took delivery of their first six TBF-1 Avengers in September 1943 and these were regulated to a training role. The next 19 Avengers, delivered in October and December, were TBF-1Cs that were considered more suitable for [...]

Flying Kiwi

This the last of six P-40s I built earlier this year for a club display for the Australian Model Expo. I built them as one group of three and a second group of four. A seventh aircraft was not finished in time for Expo but is now [...]

Tamiya Corsair

Continuing with my recent Corsair kick, here’s my Tamiya 1/72 F4U-1. I used EagleCals decals for New Zealand 21 Squadron markings and Quinta Studio 3D decals for the interior. The 3D decals were pretty impressive. They really add a lot [...]

Tamiya 1/48 F4U-1A Corsair, 1 Servicing Unit RNZAF, Henderson FieldGuadalcanal 1944 (bitsa)

G'day all. I've just finished this one in time for our annual show next weekend. It's the 1/48th Tamiya F4U-1A as an RNZAF machine with 1 Servicing Until while at Henderson Field at Guadalcanal in 1944. This one is an interesting one as it [...]

Tamiya F4U-1A, 1/48. Two Planes in One.

The final aircraft from the Corsair trio build is one that represents the 3rd largest operator of the Corsair, the Royal New Zealand Air Force whom operated the type from land bases in 1944/45. In 1942 the RNZAF began to operate in [...]

TAMIYA 1/32 F4U1a.

This is my Tamiya RNZAF Corsair. It's a beautiful kit and really needs no aftermarket to make a fantastic model. Nonetheless I added some HGW seatbelts as well as Barracuda cockpit stencils and various bits of wiring to the cockpit. I also [...]


Hello again: This is from this time last year - my first 'Kiwi' build since washing-up here in 2012. It's the superb Tamiya 1:48 Corsair, but with a few extras: An Eduard 'Zoom' set for the cockpit, Ultracast resin prop & wheels and a [...]