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This is my second helicopter build. it is a large paper model. Comes in 2 colors Canadian Army yellow and civilian blue. the rotor blades connection was particularly interesting to do. This one should be up before the end of 2023. Cheers. [...]

Helicopters GB: Mach 2's 1/72 Sikorsky S-51

A little history taken from the internet: First flown in 1946 and produced until 1951, the S-51 was Sikorsky's first commercial helicopter. It distinguished itself in the Korean Conflict in search and rescue missions for the US Air Force. [...]

Mach 2 – Sikorsky HO3S-1 – 1/72 scale.

I decided to build this kit considering the important contribution of this real aircraft to helicopters development, as well at its operational utility. I intended first to do a Toko-Ri version, then I decided for one in the yellow scheme [...]