Mach 2 – Sikorsky HO3S-1 – 1/72 scale.

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I decided to build this kit considering the important contribution of this real aircraft to helicopters development, as well at its operational utility. I intended first to do a Toko-Ri version, then I decided for one in the yellow scheme due to the small sizes of the kit. So in dark blue it would become almost a small fly (LOL).
The general quality of this kit is very poor. Unfortunately, this is a trademark of Mach2 kits, although they use to make rare theme subjects. The kit has a lot of flash, and thickness of all plastic parts is really excessive, and is totally misaligned. Clear parts are rough and almost milky. The review by Alex's 72 is complete and with very nice accuracy.

Construction summary:
Several adjustments to improve fittings,
Almost complete scratchbuilding of a new winch,
Very hard work to improve clear parts, with sanding, polishing and then Future Wax,
Making of a new glass nose from heat-stretched PET,
Space filling under the main undercarriage,
Antenna masts from sprues,
Seat belts from lead plate and
Wire stairs.

Finishing summary:
I used to this battle:
Squadron Green Putty,
Polyester primer,
Enamel main yellow,
Polyester other colors,
Inkjet handmade printed decals,
Acrylic varnish,
and oils for wheathering.

This is one of my worst results in this hobby, not only for the kit bad quality but also due to construction and finishing itself (my fault). Finally, a low accuracy of the model but unusual subject, and a bright color on my finished models shelf.

This text was reviewed by my friend and modeler José Reinaldo.

Main sources:
Review by Alex's 72
Imodeler post by George Chatzidakis:

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  1. I love seeing those early helicopters. Yours looks fantastic!

  2. Your persistence seems to have paid off Roberto. Looks good.

  3. Roberto, acredita que conseguiste “dobrar” a esquina desse kit. Good work on a wicked kit! Feliz Natal aí nos trópicos 😉

  4. You did a wonderful job! Looks great.

  5. Looking at the final three photos, all that hard work in the others sure looks to have paid off with a great result. As to building a Mach-2 kit, "you're a braver man than I, Charlie Brown!"

  6. Having just finished a Mach2 kit (posted here), I can commiserate with your blood, sweat and tears in bringing this model to life! An excellent result, of an unusual subject in a beautiful scheme. Well done, and Merry Christmas!

  7. Roberto, rather than using the word "worse" result would appear that the build was frustrating and required a lot of modeling skill. Turning a pig's ear into a silk purse has it's rewords when done correctly. Looks outstanding

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