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SA-2 Guideline{S-75} SAM, Airfix 1/76. A Thud Drivers worse nightmare.

SA-2 Gudeline or a Thud drivers worse nightmare. A few years ago I found this rare kit by chance in an old hobby shop called Dave's that since has closed. It's straight out of the box, I added a windshield using clear package material. The [...]

Review: Hobby Boss 1/72 SA-2 Missile with Launcher review

"Duel in the Sun" or YGBSM, F-105F vs SA-2 Guideline. 1/72

YGBSM meaning... You gotta be sh**ing me! The reaction to the description of the Wild Weasel mission when it was explained to an Electronic warfare officer who had transferred from B-52s. Much has been written about the WW mission who went [...]

Mig alley

Just in case you thought all I did was navy stuff. Some hot and cold war Migs. Mig 27 Hasegawa. Mig-21 Lindberg/imc. Mig -19 KP, Mig-17 Hasegawa. Mig-15UTI KP. SA-2 Flying telephone pole Gran' Ltd? One note , You really can't tell [...]