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"Duel in the Sun" or YGBSM, F-105F vs SA-2 Guideline. 1/72

June 9, 2021 · in Aviation · · 18 · 1.9K

YGBSM meaning... You gotta be sh**ing me! The reaction to the description of the Wild Weasel mission when it was explained to an Electronic warfare officer who had transferred from B-52s. Much has been written about the WW mission who went up against SAM sites as well as anti-aircraft guns of varying calibers over North Vietnam.
I used the old MPC/ kit for the F-105F, for the a GRAN Ltd Voka kit both in .

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  1. Amazing pictures, Robert, definitely liked.

  2. Wow, Robert! Great idea and excellent execution. I forgot Airfix did a Thud.

  3. HHYMM, interesting Robert, well done.

  4. Very imaginative! Liked.

  5. Great build, Robert.
    Beautifully taken pictures.

  6. Love it too, Robert!

  7. I love the dynamism and story telling. Great work Robert.

  8. Fantastic, Wild Weasel first in last out!

  9. A wonderful diorama. It's dramatic yet simple. I think it captures the essence of the very dangerous Wild Weasel mission.

    Jeez, I sound like an art critic.

  10. Very nice thud. Robert with SAM. Ferret out the evildoers ! NK. No Kidding.

  11. Such a well-done photo shoot Robert! That is a wonderful diorama that's fluid and dynamic! I really enjoyed that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Nicely done Robert!

  13. Very nicely done and great subject. Only one small technical comment though. At this stage of the engagement, the SA-2 booster would have already separated from the missile following the "boost phase". This would allow the FAN SONG radar operator to then pick up the missile's radar beacon (which is covered by the booster) and guide the missile to the target. With the booster still attached, the missile is basically ballistic.

  14. Well done, Robert (@roofrat). Models and arrangement for photos is very clever.

  15. Robert, @roofrat
    This is a very cool set of pictures, and a great subject to build models of. It looks very good too ! You did a fine job here buddy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    A few nights ago, I watched a TV program that I had previously recorded on our DVR. It was about surviving 100 missions while flying the 105's and Phantoms. They had Robin Olds on the program as well, and showed how he would secretly erase the number of missions that he he had flown on the chalk board, so that he could stay there longer with his men.

    It was called "100 Missions: Surviving Vietnam", and it was aired by the Smithsonian Channel. It is a very good show and is VERY worth watching. I think you would enjoy the program.

    They also went over exactly how and why the YGBSM lettering came into being. I almost dragged out one of my 1/48 Monogram Thuds from the stash after watching it... ๐Ÿ™‚ along with my "Cherry Girl" decals too...

  16. @roofrat Very interesting presentation, Robert, "Liked" a lot!

  17. Great project! Always love seeing a Thud, and some cool pic ideas. Well done.

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