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Bren Gun Carrier MkII Scratch Built

This is a Canadian WWII Expeditionary Force MkII Universal Carrier of the 1st Canadian Division Carleton & York Regiment. Built from Pine.

Canadian WWI AutoCar Scratch Built

This is a 8 inch long WWI AutoCar built from pine. This was a new build a couple years ago.

1-1 SCALE Daniel Defense MK18 Close Quarters Battle Receiver Built from Scratch

HOPE ITS ALLOWED. This is a MK 18 CQBR Assault Rifle Model, Used by Special Forces, US NAVY SEALS, DELTA, JTF 2. Full Scale, Built from pine, equipped with a Vector R4 Scope, PEQ-15 Target Designator, forward Handle grip, iron sights. The [...]


Hello all. My Name is Aaron Bouma. I am an Autistic Scratch model builder. I am a proud Autistic Military Historian. I serve as Military Specialist for Carleton County New Brunswick Canada. I Own Bouma Woodworks where I build military [...]