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Roden 1/32 SPAD VII C.1

René Fonck, leading French ace of World War I with 75 victories, said that the introduction of the SPAD VII fighter "...completely changed the face of aerial warfare". The SPAD S.VII C.1 was the first of a series of single-seat [...]

SPAD VII “Котик” (Kitty) 1/72 MAC Distribution

Dux-SPAD VII of 1st Navy Fighter Detachment of Northern hydro-squadron. September, 1919. Inscriptions and markings - "KV Decol" Guns - set “MiniWorld”. Best regards, Vlad.


As 2014 approaches, and with it the centenary of the onset of the Great War, I thought I'd post a few photos of one of the principal aircraft of the conflict, in the livery of one of its greatest pilots. This is Roden's 1/32 kit of Georges [...]

Another 1/32 SPAD

This time the Roden SPAD VII with Pheon Decals to do Raoul Lufbery's airplane from S.124, the Lafayette Escadrille. A good kit worth checking out.