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December 18, 2013 · in Aviation · · 10 · 3.4K

As 2014 approaches, and with it the centenary of the onset of the Great War, I thought I'd post a few photos of one of the principal aircraft of the conflict, in the livery of one of its greatest pilots.

This is 's kit of Georges Guynemer's c.1, S 254, Escadrille N.3, France, May 1917. Included here too is the complex Eduard detail-up etch set. To note, SPAD aircraft had solid walnut airscrews, so no laminations here.

He dubbed his personal Spad "Vieux Charles," which he flew one morning in March, 1917, to down a couple Albatros two-seaters. That afternoon, he went up again, demonstrating for two Nieuport pilots how to shoot down an Albatros D-II scout. Using just ten bullets, he showed them how it was done. The D-II crash-landed; its pilot turned out to be Lt. von Hausen, nephew of a German general.

Guynemer's inscription in the Panthéon in Paris, reads:

“Dead on the field of honor, September 11, 1917. A legendary hero fallen in glory from the sky after three years of hard and incessant struggle, he will remain the purest symbol of national ideals for his indomitable tenacity of purpose, his ferocious verve and sublime gallantry. Animated by an invincible faith in victory, he has bequeathed to the French soldier an imperishable heritage which consecrates the spirit of sacrifice and will surely inspire the noblest emulation."

He was credited with 53 aerial victories.

Included here is a record photo of the aircraft in a museum setting.

(After I took these photos, I noticed I'd inadvertently set the ailerons in the dropped position, when in fact it should be one-up, one-down mechanically- now rectified.)

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  1. Great job Rob, fabulous result, congratulations.

    Eric from France

  2. Beautiful model, Rob. Your paint work on the wing struts and prop make this plane stand out.

  3. A wonderful build there Rob, as Mike said the paint work on the prop and struts shows your skills.
    Well done.

  4. Rob,
    This is absolutely beautiful. I love to see expert work on WWI aircraft. I tend to shy away from them and compliment anyone that can do them justice. You have done just that. A great model of a great airplane.

  5. beautifully done...i'm steadily working up the courage to do a string bag

  6. Solid Walnut prop? Not sure I'd like to fly behind that bad boy...

  7. Having done this kit myself, you have made a very beautiful model here.

  8. I think these WW1 really stretch any modeller's talents, and this is a beautifully built model.

  9. Sorry, I left out the word 'aircraft' after WW1!

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