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Malta's 1000 th

I was wondering for a long time what can be written about such a famous plane as the EP829 and its pilot. Perhaps the most interesting thing was how he differed from Georg Beurling. A completely different personality. This is my third [...]

"Southern Stars" - Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Vb (trop)Neville Duke

The Airplane: Late in 1940, the RAF believed the appearance of the pressurized Junkers Ju 86P over Britain would signal the start of a high altitude bombing offensive by the Luftwaffe. The Air Ministry called for development of a [...]

Eagle of The Malta

The story of George Beurling is quite well described on the i-modeler, so I will limit myself only to some of its elements. You probably remember how long I thought about choosing the plane. Reading the stories of various pilots, I became [...]

Desert Air War Group build: 1/48 Eduard Spitfire Vb(late)

The Airplane: The Spitfire Vb, which began appearing in squadrons in the spring of 1941, was the most-produced Spitfire sub-type. It was a modification of the Spitfire I airframe, “beefed up” with a new engine mount, to use the Merlin [...]